Why Are we Here???)
October 13 - 17, 2005
I have always been fascinated by this
human achievement.

Imagine, in 1928 - 1937 how the materials
were transported to build the longest
suspension bridge in the world.
Golden Gate Bridge
Five Days Away
John has been traveling to London, on average, one week a month
for the last year. I persuaded him to use some of the frequent flier
miles to whisk me off to San Francisco.

His miles are with British Airways. You can use your mile on
American, but you have to book the flights with the British Airways

After he books our trip, he has another over-seas trip and earns
additional miles. John decided to surprise me by upgrading our
tickets the night before we left to first class. Imagine his surprise
when the agent told him on October 12th that our schedule flights
were for November 13th NOT October 13th.

God was with us
, of course, and John was able to book a flight for
the next day. Anyone who has ever booked air travel using miles
knows how unlikely it is that you can make a next day reservation.

I didn't even complain much that we flew from Houston to Chicago
(East) and changed planes to fly (West) to San Francisco. :)