Excellent Wife
Mark your calendars!
Excellent Wife & Exemplary Husband classes return to Salem in January 2006.
Cindy Lewis and I will team teach the ladies.
Jerry Holditch will be teaching with John.
Several of you have said you plan to attend again
and bring your older teens. What a great way to
equip you children for the future.
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Entire Class Study Guide
So what is the unforgivable sin?
Blasphemy of the Spirit? Maybe.
I think the unforgivable sin is unforgiveness.
Look at the
Word of our Lord.
Seems pretty clear to me. Check out the
process of biblical forgiveness. Verses.

The opposite of faith is fear. That should be
enough for all of us to
repent of fear, worry and

Left to our own devices, we will forge the golden
calf. At the first sign of trouble, we will
to be taken back to Egypt. We were set free by
Christ. Free from sin!

Why go to the effort to be an excellent wife?
Hey, it can be thankless work. Well, except for
reward. :)

Are you a
perfectionist? or live with one?
"Therefore you are to be perfect..." Matt 5:48

I carry around
Phillipians 4 on a note card. I
need a constant reminder.

So, what is an
attitude? Can I control it? Change
it? Am I responsible for it?
Love and Respect Notes:
Crazy Cycle Example
Crazy Cycle Defined

Energizing Cycle Defined

Wife Test