The Good & The Bad
of Home PC Care
Virus Protection is good.
Just as good as Norton or McAffe - but free.
I put
AVG from Grisoft on Rand's computer for
school. You will need to un-install any other virus
software you have to use this.
Firewall is good.
Data Mining is bad.
Office software good.
I thought I was safe because I was a faithful
Norton subscriber. Wrong.
This free tool, Ad-Aware from Lavasoft found
26 cookies that were sending out personal
information from my home system on the first
PSP homebrew is good.
Spyware is bad.
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Microsoft offers this for free. Beta version - but
works pretty well.
If you have a router or portal for DSL, you have a
hardware firewall and should NOT install a
software firewall. If you don't have a physical
firewall - get a good free firewall,
ZoneAlarm from
Microsoft Office is required software on every PC
- right? Wrong. You can have virtually the same
product for free.
OpenOffice is an open source
project. Never pay hundreds of dollars again for
Word, Excel, Power point and more.
If you don't know what a PSP is, then skip this
Very cool things to do. We have been
ripping DVDs and converting them to PSP 9
format. Just save them on the 1 gig memory stick
and you are good to go. Computers just got fun